Education Program

Prepare yourself for homeownership

About HEP

The Neighbors Of Watertown Homebuyers Education Program provides important knowledge to families buying a home. This program does not have income limits and serves families in Jefferson & Lewis Counties as well as in the City of Watertown. Classes are normally held once a month on Saturdays, but the schedule will vary with the demand for the program. Classes are usually limited to 16 participants to allow for maximum participation.

Topics Talked About

  • Understanding the process
  • Understanding the language
  • Developing a Budget
  • Amount of Mortgage you can afford
  • Different Types of Mortgages
  • Predatory Lending to watch out for
  • Selecting your Home
  • Making the Purchase Offer
  • What to expect at the Closing
  • How to Maintain your home

Households already on the waiting list will be considered first. Call (315) 785 8684 to find out more.