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To provide affordable housing opportunities for the region’s low and moderate income population. We strive to keep our clients and future clients in the know on all housing opportunities.

NCAH History

North Country Affordable Housing, Inc. was incorporated in March 1987 in response to the overwhelming housing need engendered by the expansion of Fort Drum for the Army’s Tenth Mountain Division. Administrative funding is provided by the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal’s Rural Preservation Company (RPC) Program. The company’s service area includes Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties in northern New York State.

Since 1987 the corporation has received over $10 million in grants or loans, leveraging new construction and rehabilitation projects worth over $25 million. This has included 64 rental units that North Country Affordable Housing owns and manages in the City of Watertown and the Village of Philadelphia, 350 newly constructed homes or apartments, and 300 rehabilitation/home improvement projects on scattered sites throughout the north country, all for income-eligible households.

In 1999 North Country Affordable Housing contracted Jefferson Community College's Center for Community Studies to conduct a survey of households that had completed the Mobile Home Replacement Program. The survey proved the tremendous success of the program.

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