County Wide Owner Occupied Home Rehabilitation Program

The mission of North Country Affordable Housing Inc. is the provision of quality affordable housing opportunities to region’s with low and very low income households. Focus of needs include elimination of substandard housing, accessibility, energy efficiency and better infrastructure. Goal of the Owner Occupied Rehab Program is to improve the conditions of low income housing by addressing the target needs. For eligibility the property must be located in Jefferson County. After the work is completed there’s a 10-year compliance period to recapture funds if the home was to be sold.

North Country Affordable Housing, Inc's Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program provides financial assistance to help owner occupants make needed improvements to their homes. Without this help, many of these properties would fall below acceptable levels of habitability.

Program criteria include:

  • The applicant must own the home
  • The home must be the applicants place of residence.
  • The home must be located in Jefferson County (excluding the city of Watertown)
  • The work must bring the home to meet housing quality standards.
  • Income eligibility may apply and may vary between programs.

NCAH uses several Local, Regional, State and Federal sources to fund this program. Rules, guidelines, eligibility, and grant amounts vary between sources.

Program Results as of December 2018:
  • Number of homes rehabilitated 247
  • Grant Funds Distributed $5,461,930


Initial Application

Household Income

List the names of all household members who are over 18, their source of income and monthly amount.

Housing Expenses (Owner - Occupant Only)

Tenant Information

Please List Repairs Needed in this Property

Previous Federal or State Assistance

If any work has been done at this property in the past, please describe here:


This Pre-application is being submitted to establish eligibility for assistance under the Housing Improvement Program in Watertown. I understand that additional documentation will be required and I give permission for representatives of Neighbors Of Watertown, Inc. to verify the information listed above.